SwitchedOn Technical Assessment


This quick assessment allows us to get a better understanding of your technical abilities and where you will potentially fit in with our dynamic team. The questions are mixed to evaluate both senior and junior candidates so some questions will be more difficult to answer than others, don’t let this discourage you from completing the test, the questions are categorised to show which technologies are your strengths.

The time spent on the assessment is recorded but this is not a race, we value the ability to reach a correct answer within a reasonable time very much.


The quiz contains around 20 questions and shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to complete. There us a mix of multiple choice, multiple selection and some questions which will require you to explain topics in your own words. Not all of the questions are IT related and not all questions carry the same weighting towards your overall score.

Next steps

Once you complete the assessment your score will automatically be sent to our HR Department who will contact you in around 1 week.

Some questions in this assessment have more than one correct answer, please select all that apply