CIO Advisory Services

Align your IT with your Business needs

Possible Areas of Focus

  • IT Strategy & Roadmap
  • IT Simplification/Cost Reduction
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • IT Due Diligence
  • Change Management
  • IT Organisational Model
  • Business Engagement
  • IT Appointments/Placements
  • Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring
  • Industry/Competitor Review
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • IT Review/SWOT Analysis
  • IT Financials
  • Transition to Cloud
  • Project Management
  • Mobilisation, Migration and Transition
  • Automation of paperbased processes

The principles behind the CIO Advisory
Services are to provide business with a
high-level IT strategic advisory, cost
management, risk & compliance
supervision service bundled with a
strong clear engaging leadership that
may be lacking in smaller environments
and often not needed on a permanent

Through this service, a CIO consultant is
outsourced into your organisation that
ensures your IT strategy aligns and is
delivering to your organisation’s
strategic vision and business goals.

The CIO consultant provides advice and
oversees the implementation of your IT
that is consistent with your business

The CIO consultants are able to quickly
understand your business needs and
pain points, engage the necessary
stakeholders across your business and
then create a framework on a risk averse
way forward.,
engagement and effective delivery of
the IT environment.

As part of the CIO as a Service offering,
we take on the role of managing
technology use within your
tactically and operationally.

CIO’s help you make well considered
decisions, assess the IT, oversee
implementation and importantly keep
your costs down while allowing your
team to reclaim some of their valuable

CIO’s work with your business
stakeholders, your internal staff and
your external suppliers.

The CIO service model is designed to
be flexible to ensure we can tailor a
service to suit your business needs.


  • Provide effective management and support of existing IT strategy and ongoing advice.
  • Manage the execution of IT strategy and or roadmap

Acting CIO/IT

  • Provide interim gapfill to lead and
    manage all aspects of your IT department

  • Facilitate talent acquisition and selection for senior IT appointments

Business as Usual

  • Provide effective BAU ongoing management support including
    vendor management,
    operations & systems.
  • Project Delivery Management
  • Provide effective PMO and project
    delivery management support on current and planned initiatives. Facilitate project governance.

Strong Clear Engaging

  • Represent IT on business leadership forums and the Board.
  • Lead people. Manage and advise strategic business transactions – such as Governance and Risks