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Helpdesk FAQ’s

SwitchedOn runs a dedicated IT Helpdesk to provide support to your business both remotely and telephonically. The helpdesk is manned by a expert team of engineers which act as the first line for all your IT support needs. The helpdesk is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that the person logging the request is authorized to make the request.
  • Opening a ticket in our ticketing system.
  • Assessing the severity and business impact of the incident to ensure the right team deals with it.
  • Attempting remote resolution of the incident before following the escalations cycle.

The helpdesk will always be your first point of contact when you are experiencing any IT related issues or if you would like to request a change.

Every request which is sent to our Helpdesk triggers the creation of a new ticket. A ticket is a digital documents which contains key information about your request to the Helpdesk such as:

  • A unique number to easily identify each ticket.
  • Customer specific information.
  • Notes of all the work done by our team.

It is essential that a ticket is created as the tickets are monitored by both automated systems and manually our Service Desk Manager to ensure that we meet the service levels outlined in your Service Level Agreement (SLA).

There are two primary methods to create a new ticket with our Helpdesk:

Emailing the helpdesk

For non critical requests it is recommend that your send and email to helpdesk@switchedon.co.za. Once your ticket is received we will send you a confirmation email which contains a ticket number. All tickets logged via email are processed within minutes and assigned a priority based on the information contained inside the email.

It is thus important that you share as much information inside the email as possible, below are a few guideline questions which you should attempt to answer:

  1. When did the issue start?
  2. How many users are affected by the issue?
  3. Have you attempted to resolve the issue

Calling the helpdesk

If the incident has a serious effect on your business you can call the helpdesk on +27 11 640 3582 to ensure that you receive immediate assistance. The Helpdesk engineer who takes the call will log the ticket for you and kick off the incident management process.

Once you receive a ticket number from the Helpdesk you can rest assured that we are working on your issue. In most cases it is possible that an engineer is working behind the scenes to to resolve your issue already and feedback will be provides once resolved.

It is recommended to wait to 4 business hours after logging a ticket before following up with the Helpdesk.

It is common for multiple users to log tickets for the same problem such as an email or internet outage, in cases like this our engineers might have worked with a different user to troubleshoot and resolve the issues.

If we are confident that we have resolved your issue also you will be receiving a mail in the next hour confirming so.

If your ticket has been closed but the issue still persists you can simply reply the confirmation email to have your ticket escalated automatically.

Through our year of experience we have found that most of the time, just about any problem can be resolved remotely. As a result we always recommend that you first allow one of our engineers to investigate and attempt to resolve your issues remotely before request a site visit.

Our remote team will assess your problem and in a matter of minutes be able to advise if the problem can be resolved remotely or whether a site visit will be required.

All requests for site visits are handled in accordance with the response times layed out in your Service Level Agreement.

General FAQ’s

Every SwitchedOn client has an assigned account manager who handles all sales related matters, you can either contact your account manager directly with your sales enquiry or you can email sales@switchedon.co.za for one of our business assistants to route your mail to the relevant sales person.

Since 2001, SwitchedOnIT has built over a thousand quality, lasting business relationships by focusing on providing cost savings technology solutions.

SwitchedOn is based in Johannesburg, while the majority of our client base has a strong Johannesburg presence we service customers all over South Africa. If your support needs fall outside of South African business hours please reach out to sales team to tailor a custom solution for your needs

SwitchedOn has a wide variety of solutions for restricting access to websites which are often abused during working hours such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We can tailor your internet connection to ensure that staff can only access work related resource during working hours or even limit how much social media each staff member can consume each week.

Our powerful solutions help find the middle ground for you as an employer to give your staff access to resources but limit the potential for abuse.

SwitchedOn does not offer development services but we have a range of partners who can assist with your needs.