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Our people are your people

SwitchedOnIT incubates the best and brightest IT people in the industry, and leases them to you on a monthly basis. This arrangement enables you to save time, cut costs, and transfer all employment-related risks to us.

Part-time support staff

Plug a short-term IT gap. Populate an ad hoc IT project. Meet spikes in work volume due to calendar demands. Tomorrow’s IT leaders are yours today.

Full-time support staff

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David Green – Managing Director at your service!

We are not a recruitment agency

At SwitchedOn, we’re not in the business of recruiting. We hire our own people. We train our own people, we develop them as tomorrow’s IT leaders today, and then give your business access to those skills as and when you require them.

SmartStaff is a revolutionary new product from SwitchedOn – a people-as-a-service offering that is quickly disrupting the IT sector and transforming the way SA’s leading businesses manage IT.

None of the risk, all of the reward

With our SmartStaff service, it’s like having your own IT department at a fraction of the cost, and with none of the risks!

  • No recruitment fees – we only charge monthly for the employee/s
  • No lengthy recruitment process – we fill the vacancy straight away
  • No employment contract – we adopt all the risks of employment
  • No downtime – we always have a ready replacement for sick days and leave
  • No training – We make sure they hit the ground running

Looking to establish or expand your IT department in a short space of time? We can make it happen.

SwitchedOnIT incubates the best and brightest IT people in the industry

Let us get to know you

Your blind spot is our sweet spot

Bringing you the best and brightest

We have the right knowledge and resources to understand your organization’s precise needs, and the right people to meet them.

We work to understand the ins and outs of your organization and determine exactly what you need in an IT employee – what gaps you need to close.

By gaining a deep understanding of your company culture, what you do, and what you need, we are able to supply you with the right IT person – someone whose skills align with your organizational objectives, and whose personal traits fit your culture.

More than that, we hold our people to your KPIs, and reward and remunerate them accordingly. We carry out weekly site visits, ensuring our employees’ performance is what it should be and all actions and objectives are aligned.

Your business is unique. Every project, initiative and goal requires a specialised set of IT skills to get the job done. And we are the experts who understand the precise skill sets necessary to achive your specific goals.

Why SmartStaff?

Tried and trusted IT experts

SwitchedOnIT has more than 20 years’ experience in the operational delivery of managed IT support services and Cloud transformation consulting

Equipping your organization

From junior support staff to senior management, and everything in between

Our people are your people

None of the responsibilities of employing your own staff with all the benefits

Our clients

We are priviledged to work with some of South Africa’s leading corporations – Case studies supplied at request

Recent wins

  • Supplied full-time IT manager to Bidvest Waltons (closing an urgent IT leadership gap in under 24 hours)
  • Development and ongoing management of the IT strategy and IT department for Empowerdex (We now look after the group IT strategy and managers across South Africa)
  • Built an IT department from the ground up for 3Way Marketing (includes ongoing management of the department)

About us

SwitchedOn is one of South Africa’s leading IT companies. Since 2001, we have provided smart, state-of-the-art, cost-effective technology solutions to some of South Africa’s biggest corporates, as well as hundreds of small and medium enterprises.

We provide entire IT department solutions on a modular basis to cover your risk as and when needed. SwitchedOn’s team of IT specialists manage thousands of computers, servers and IT people for business clients on a daily basis.

Our valued clients are situated throughout Gauteng and have a strong accent in Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehousing and Vehicle Dealerships. Our mission is simple – to provide tomorrow’s leaders to your organization today!