IT Department risks in 2020

Today, more than ever before, IT Departments face risks from internal and external sources. This means that companies need to protect themselves from the internal day to day silly mistakes staff make online while browsing or in Email as much as from external threats such as automated hacking AI bots all the way through to […]

People Risks in a Digital World – Business alignment

It is the duty of an IT department manager to align the day2day and strategical decision making with their employers’ business needs and strategies and to run their department as lean as possible. Therefore, every human resource involved in the department must be closely managed against these two KPI’s – cost saving & business alignment […]

Fibre Optic Internet South Africa

Fibre Optic Internet South Africa

Fibre Optic Internet South Africa “Fibre is not a new technology, and has been around for almost a decade in South Africa. It’s only recently become more visible and available to consumers due to the increase in companies which supply it, as demand for faster Internet increases. According to MWEB, fibre works through “fibre optic […]

Does Voip slow down your business internet

Does VoIP Slow Down Your Business Internet?

Does VoIP Slow Down Your Business Internet? “Depending on the choice you make in your VoIP communications, there may be some slowing in your Internet connection. However there are steps you can take to make this slowing as minimal as possible. Here are the options you have for VoIP communication services: You could purchase an […]


CIO vs CTO – Know your IT Roles

CIO vs CTO – Know your IT Roles “When you start talking about IT leadership roles and IT career tracks, the question that almost always comes up is “What’s the difference between the CIO and CTO positions?” Here’s a quick breakdown of the distinguishing characteristics of those two roles. Chief Information Officer – Defined Serves […]


CIO vs CISO – Who Does What?

CIO vs CISO – Who Does What? “Every organization handles security differently, based on their needs and internal structure—but in some mid to large sized companies, both the chief information officer (CIO) and the chief information security officer (CISO) are involved. The relationship between the CIO and the CISO is something that is often described […]