People Risks in a Digital World – Business alignment

It is the duty of an IT department manager to align the day2day and strategical decision making with their employers’ business needs and strategies and to run their department as lean as possible.

Therefore, every human resource involved in the department must be closely managed against these two KPI’s – cost saving & business alignment

These important prerequisites are at risk in companies that do not appropriately train or manage their IT staff and most often the individual roles set do not align with the overall business strategy;

This is a risk faced by many enterprise organisations.

Lack of documentation should be a criminal offence

Additional risks faced by medium to large sized organisations are around a prevalent culture of job-hopping and emigration – currently any larger salary or status upgrade offer will do, and this leaves the company with open gaps and lost institutional knowledge.

Documentation is not addressed as a policy and is generally non-existent.

When someone leaves the IT Department, the IT knowledge is lost forever, and it will take months to rebuild this with a new resource;

And then the cycle repeats itself with new replacement hires..


Outsourcing this risk to a company that specializes in Incubating, Supplying and then Managing strong IT support staff and Professional IT Managers into IT Departments ensures that organisations IT Department align with overall Business Strategy while protecting IP through ongoing management.

Automating the day2day

Hiring people for support functions doesn’t make sense when 80% of the day2day can be automated.

Rather use your IT staff to deliver on projects that add value to business!

With today’s technology always being “on” and very secure in a cloud-based environment, is it necessary to employ people to do automated work?

A great alternative is to employ an outsourced service provider that has experience around using automated cloud-based tools to deliver the same or even better results than human resource solutions. Areas such as security risk patching, moving reactive computer maintenance to proactive maintenance, automated self-checking and self-healing backup systems, automating hardware audits and automating reports for the business will free up your IT staff to get projects done!

The South African skill gap
Enterprise Information Managers need on-going assistance with acquiring, incubating and managing technical talent and managers.

How to combat this problem

It is common practice to outsource non-core business functions to companies that specialize in those specific verticals and hold them accountable against KPIs while you focus on business.

Partner with a reputable IT outsourcing company that specializes in:
A) Incubating, Supplying and Managing on your behalf IT support staff and IT managers
B) Delivering tools that will free up your IT staff to deliver on projects

What to look out for in a potential outsourcing partner for cost saving & business alignment

  • Long and successful track record of engagement with peer companies to yours
  • Case studies from other projects
  • Experience working in your industry
  • They listen to your needs and try to understand your company to find a solution that will holistically meet your specific needs.
  • The M.D is personally engaged in your business success

Introspection time:

Do you foresee any risks in your organisation by not having every IT staff members daily tasks documented?

Do you own your IP, or will you lose Institutional Knowledge if someone leaves?

– David Green, Managing Director, SwitchedOnIT

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