IT Support Companies in Johannesburg

IT Support Companies in Johannesburg

IT Support Companies in Johannesburg

As we discussed in a previous blog post, outsourced IT has become just about as popular as the fidget spinner; except- it has a real purpose. Outsourced IT has too many benefits to narrow down into one little article, which is one of the reasons the industry has seen a boom in the last few years.

SwitchedonIT is a Johannesburg based IT Support and Services Company established for more than19 years servicing South Africa and International organisations.

We have a diverse client base, situated throughout Gauteng & have a strong accent in Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehousing and Vehicle Dealerships.

SwitchedOnIT’s mission is to effectively & seamlessly provide efficient technology solutions to the market

We have a wide range of services including short/long term IT outsourcing and staffing, VOIP, Networking Solutions and Quick Remote IT Services.

As managed IT and Cloud solutions specialists we have solutions to suit all business sizes, needs and budgets.

Our goal remains to bridge the gap between the excellent service received by the corporate market with large value contracts to the smaller businesses that deserved the same without the large cost traditionally involved.

The mix of our staff & our BEE partners includes an Electrical Engineer, university I.T graduates & Microsoft qualified professionals with years of industry experience.

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