VoIP – How Can Hosted Telephony Benefit Your Business?

VoIP – How Can Hosted Telephony Benefit Your Business?

VoIP – or Voice Over Internet Protocol – is an alternative to regular, land-line telephone connections which is run at a fraction of the cost; there are benefits to this type of solution that you may never have considered – along with features that may have far-reaching, expansive benefits for your business.

Voice over IP is – in the most simplest of terms – a telephone service which runs over the internet. The experience is the same as traditional phone systems with the key difference being that you no longer have a dependency on a fixed line operator as your calls take place over your internet connection.

Our Cloud PBX solution hosted offsite which means your phones can connect from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This is pretty powerful as you can receive an incoming call to your head office and transfer your call to a site thousands of kilometres away, in the same way you would, now allowing your staff to work from anywhere.


What Are The Benefits of VoIP?

Free Calls Between Branches

If you have multiple offices you can enjoy free calls between your sites on our cloud PBX systems. By not breaking out from our network you aren’t costing us any money so why should it cost you?


Call Recordings

We can keep a recording of every call which is placed both internally and externally which allows you to periodically review calls and ensure that your customer service quality remains tops


Conference Calls

Bring your key players together for that important phone call with a large client or have a quick meeting with your team on the line from anywhere. Our conference call feature allows you to do this with ease.


Music On Hold

No one likes being on hold but unfortunately this does happen, choose your own music on hold to keep clients calm while they hold on.



Need to keep track of important missed calls? Why not have the caller leave you a voicemail which is delivered straight to your inbox.


Auto Attendant

With our smart routing features you can have clients choose which department they need to be connected to a voice prompt speeding up the time it takes to get through to the right person.


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Cover Image Credit: PCMag UK