Upgrading IT Systems in an Organisation

Upgrading IT Systems in an Organisation: How SwitchedOnIT Can Help the Process

Upgrading IT Systems in an Organisation: How SwitchedOnIT Can Help the Process

Upgrading your IT systems within your business is not simply a security measure; it can (and will) aide in employee productivity, data integrity – as well as the two-fold benefit of reduced costs and reduced threats.

“Upgrading employee software is often viewed as an unnecessary expense that only gives employees bells and whistles that they do not need or will find difficult to use. The decision to upgrade software is a business decision that must be examined like any other decision. However, some of the benefits of upgrading employee software do not show up explicitly on an accounting record or annual report. Often, these are the reasons many employees continue to use out-dated software.”

How Can Upgrading IT Systems Help a Company?

  1. Upgrading Your Office Software Can Help Improve Security

“The longer a software package has been around and the more popular the software package is, the more the software represents a security risk. Over the useful life of a software package, security holes and the malicious viruses that take advantage of them make a long list of reasons to upgrade to newer and more secure versions of the same software.

Typically, more recent versions of software are safer from a security standpoint, guarding against the security issues present in previous versions. Increased security means less downtime for employees who must wait for a security issue to be resolved before continuing with their work. Lost files can take many hours to recover and, in the meantime, ideas and morale can suffer. Upgrading software can be a preventive prescription to disaster caused by impending security issues.”

  1. Upgrading Your Office Software Can Help Reduce Costs

“Although usually associated with hardware, out-dated software is also more expensive to maintain than newer versions. As companies grow, hardware and software must grow with them to face increasing demands of productivity. Failing software (as well as hardware) increases costs by overloading help desk personnel with software related failures.

Newer software versions typically reduce or eliminate the problems users faced with previous versions. Failure rates are lower for newer versus older software resulting in fewer service tickets, higher productivity, and lower stress levels experienced by employees. Smoother sailing is the result of investing in software upgrades.”

  1. Upgrading Your Office Software Can Help Increase Productivity

“As software evolves from version to version, it often becomes more streamlined, easier to use, and more intuitive to put to work. Since employee salaries are a major portion of business expenses, upgrading software is synonymous with investing in employee productivity.”


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