Cloud Based Network Protection

Cloud Based Network Protection

Cloud Based Network Protection

“When it comes to protecting your business network, it doesn’t matter what size you are. Big company, small company, start up; hackers will still want your information and they’ll still stealthily poke holes in your network wherever they can.

You need to get security measures in place – and fast.

That’s why “security as a service” companies have become vital for anyone looking to deploy security for everything from documents to your entire business.

Security as a service can be loosely described as a “software as a service” security tool that doesn’t require any on-premise hardware or software distribution. Unlike older security tools, like anti-virus software that needs to be installed on every single computer on your network, it’s almost plug and play — you click a button (and likely put in some credit card information) and suddenly you’ve got major security resources at your fingertips.

These security services aren’t the same as an on-premise firewall that watches the network from a physical appliance attached in your data centre. These products promise to protect you from malware, help you keep track of who signs into your network, monitor all your other cloud applications such as Salesforce and Google Docs, and more.

Small businesses can benefit from this kind of distribution model because it doesn’t require a big IT or security teams to get it up and running. Of course, you’re trusting a lot of your security to another company, but in reality these security-focused third parties have more resources (read: time and money) to focus on security than you do.”

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How does Cloud Based Network Protection Work?

  • Secure the server

With cloud web security; traffic gets to the cloud instead of being routed to the servers directly. The cloud analyses the traffic and only allow the legitimate users to gain access. Any traffic that the cloud does not approve, it blocks it from getting to the server.


  • Inspects and filters data

The traditional systems have applications that filter data before it reaches the server. The applications are expensive and hard to maintain. They filter traffic after it reaches its network. Sometimes the machines get overwhelmed and may shut down to block both good and bad traffic, and they may not serve the intended functions.


Traffic is redirected to the security cloud first where it gets filtered before reaching the application system.


  • Data management and secured encryption

Encryption methods use complex algorithms to conceal and protect data. Cloud based security manages the identity of data and limits access from unrecognized applications that could decipher the encrypted files.


  • Compliance

Cloud based security has set compliance rules to be strictly followed to ensure the safety of the data base. They are bound by laws and regulations to maintain high standards of privacy and protection of client’s information.


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