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How to Cut Your IT Costs at the Office – And Improve Efficiency

How to Cut IT Costs at the Office – And Improve Efficiency

Ahh, the age of cost cutting. What a time to be alive! Given the current economic climate, it is fully understandable as to why nearly every business – whether stable, growing or restructuring – would be looking to cut costs. The prices of every item necessary to the running of your business has either already – or is planned on – undergoing price increases. Electricity, salaries, overheads, and the cost of equipment, stock, transportation – the list truly is endless. You would be crazy for not looking at reducing at least one or two costs, but where do you start?

We already know that IT is an underrated aspect of a successfully managed business, one we best start paying attention to. But what if your current IT department is costing far too much? What if their output is not in line with their payment structure? Then, what if you are one of the few enterprises with the foresight to have already engaged an outsourced IT company, and they are just not delivering on your expectations?

You wouldn’t stand for wasteful expenditure in any other circumstance, so why now?

We’ve categorise ways to cut IT costs at the office into some byte sized pieces:


Cut IT Costs at the Office: Restructuring your existing IT department

Existing permanent staff dedicated to the running of your IT department may have become complacent in their role, for many reasons. There may be too many hands to do the work, or a compete oversight of the amount of work actually required. By simply streamlining your processes and defining roles, you may see a great turnover in the amount of work being done. Delegating specific projects to individual employees may have a great effect too, as they can allow their focus to be on one client. That being said…


Cut IT costs at the Office: Engage with an Outsourced CIO to oversee your IT department

Hiring a full-time CIO is never, ever going to save you money, but his or her expertise is invaluable. How do you find a middle ground, where you can reap the rewards of the CIO’s knowledge and field of expertise, without forking out even more money than you’re already spending?

Bringing in an outsourced CIO can be done in one of two ways; you may either opt to take the CIO on with their own existing team – meaning a full-spectrum solution to your IT needs. This may be the best option for a company looking to implement a new IT department, with no existing staff and restricted budgets.

The other option, if you already have dedicated staff, that is, is to bring on an outsourced CIO.

The roles and responsibilities of the CIO have been discussed in our previous article, but to recap; this executive is normally brought on board to oversee the entire IT department. He or she will strategize and implement project work, manage the IT budget, pro-actively prevent loss of data, safely secure your sensitive files – and oversee your existing team. A specialist will be able to pick up on shortcomings and carefully put a plan of action together that will mobilise and optimise the work being done by each member of you IT department. You’re basically getting a high-level manager to oversee your department – someone who is fully trained and qualified in their own field – at a fraction of the cost. The CIO will give insight into issues and possibilities that you or I may not even have considered.

Cut IT Costs at the Office By Outsourcing IT

Outsourced IT has such far-reaching benefits, it would be silly to try and narrow down what all you could expect to gain from choosing this option. However, you can expect a far reduced monthly bill – on both overheads as well as fixed salaries. Grouping together your IT needs allows an outsourcing IT company to have a full scope of your business, an understanding of your genuine operational requirements if you will. See, an online store has vastly different IT needs to a recruitment company, for example.

An outsourcing IT Company will consult with you, work on the brief and find a solution that not only streamlines the entire process – but also alert you to potential loopholes you may have easily overlooked without the guiding hand of a trained professional.

Also, having a specialist company on call at any time of the day is a benefit you will likely never encounter when dealing solely with permanent and dedicated staff.


If you’re ready to start saving money by engaging with trained professionals, give us a shout. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations!


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