switchedonit Outsourced IT Solutions

SwitchedOnIT Outsourced IT Solutions – The Business Behind the Brand

SwitchedOnIT Outsourced IT Solutions – The Business Behind the Brand

Outsourced IT solutions are an expansive, in-depth and specialised spectrum of IT management; removing the day-to-day stress from business owners and managers, IT professionals with extensive experience and qualifications are available to you and your company – providing industry-related knowledge and real world applications for the simplest through to the most complex of IT needs.

We’d like to say we’re no different, but that would be a bold lie.

SwitchedOnIT’s Outsourced IT Solutions boast a professional group of IT engineers, managers and leaders focussed on achieving all that is laid out within a client brief; we lend our insight and background to allow any customer to not only feel safe when entrusting their IT solutions to us, but also offering a deep-seated understanding of the IT industry as a whole, benefitting any sector that requires IT solutions.

What does SwitchedOnIT Outsourced IT Offer to Customers?

SwitchedOnIT leverages technology, systems and skilled people to manage IT departments to improve, strategize and develop systems that are fully customised to meet all the criteria set out by each client. We can guarantee that we dedicate ourselves to fully understanding the scope that needs to covered by our services, and finding the easiest and most cost-effective solution for each and every client.

How do we do this? Our qualified teams and individual specialists focus on building efficiencies into every aspect of the IT division of business; this encompasses building relationships with each client, performing  regular follow-ups and analyses, fore-planning all our implementations and tailoring each and every IT offering to meet as many of your companies’ needs as possible. We like to consider ourselves a one-stop-shop, one which will alleviate unnecessary stress from non-specialised business owners as well as assist in bolstering the IT aspect of each business we work with.


Who can benefit from SwitchedOnIT’s Outsourced IT offerings?

We enjoy transparency; the world is full of loopholes, and we believe that being upfront and entirely honest with a client will allow them to trust us and our work completely and without reserve. We understand that we might not be the perfect fit for each and every business out there – take for instance a well-known banking firm with a fully-fledged IT department, in-house CIO and full spectrum management of all IT related issues, stemming from one department. We would not expect you to dissolve an entire department in the hopes of saving money (while we could achieve this objective, it won’t stand equally with a specialised team with sufficient structures and leadership in place).

However, if you are interested in engaging an outsourced IT company to grow your business leaders who need a break from managing their IT systems, or perhaps you’re in search of an IT solution that can obliterate the need for an IT department at all, then we are likely a great fit for you.


What Sets SwitchedOnIT Apart from other Outsourced IT Solution Companies?

Our promise to you is simple. Satisfaction. We will deliver you a smooth-running IT department at incredible value within 3 months. You can hold us to that. Within the first three months of signing up, you can expect to experience extensive interaction, strategizing and “tweaking”. If you’ve already got a great system, we will endeavor to improve it. If you have little to no systems in place, we will go out of our way to develop one for you that not only satisfies your current needs, but preempts possible future needs. No more worrying about any aspect of your company in which you are not an expert – we have highly-qualified, trained and dedicated personnel who will ensure the smooth running of any aspect of your enterprises IT needs.


Put us to the test! Click here to get in touch with us and allow us to exceed your expectations!


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