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Business Internet: What Type of Internet Solution is best for Your Business?

Business Internet: What Type of Internet Solution is best for Your Business?

Some might argue that “internet is internet”; stop those people in their tracks! The new millennium brought with it technological advancements that we had yet to see. Cloud storage was a distant, imaginative thought not even a decade ago, and is now at the crux of data storage: the internet is no different.

The methods we use to access the internet are almost as important as the work we do through it. But, what type of internet connection is going to benefit your company the most, and allow you to “get to the next level”?

There are five main factors when selecting your internet solutions:

Speed – how fast is your upload/ download speed? This can have a great impact on the efficiency your staff will have in getting work done, and getting it done fast.

Reliability – knowing you can come in every morning and have reliable, uninterrupted internet access is music to the ears of anyone who has experienced a slow and “lagging” connection.

Support – is this type of internet connection associated with problems? Best you have backup and support readily available, through trained technicians who can troubleshoot and get you back on your feet faster than it took for the problem to appear in the first place.

Cost – while higher speeds and reliability usually come with a higher price tag, there are affordable ways to have the best solution for your company. Understanding the benefits of each type of business internet solution will allow you to choose to pay for better, to save money or opt for a different type of solution.

Availability – not all internet solutions are available in every neighbourhood. While you might have your heart set on installing fibre, there may simply not be the infrastructure in place where you are located as yet. Ensure you know what type of infrastructure is available in your area before you embark on a journey to finding the right type of internet!

What Types of Business Internet Can I Choose From?

1) Optical Fiber

The only true way to experience the awesomeness of the internet! What can you expect from this type of internet solution from SwitchedOnIT?

High Speed Internet – Fiber allows us to deliver connections to your business up to 1Gbps per second. That’s around 1000 times faster than an entry level ADSL package.

Priority Support- Our fiber packages come with priority support and flexible SLAs to meet your business needs and keep your staff connected at all times.

Flexible Packages – Through our various partners we can offer you a package that meets your needs and suits your budget.

Download = Upload – Our enterprise fiber packages not only allow for high download speeds but also high upload speeds.

What is fiber?

Optical fiber is a small stand of glass thinner than a human hair through which information can be transferred in the form of light, this allow for greater bandwidth and lower latency which means information can be transmitted much faster.

What are the advantages of fiber?

  • Fiber allows for much higher speeds then DSL or wireless connections.
  • One of the advantages of fiber over traditional copper based connections is that the cable has very little value if stolen which eliminates one of the biggest problems we face in South Africa which is cable theft. This means less interruptions to your business.
  • Fiber is also less prone to interference – which results in consistent performance.


Fiber availability?

Fiber is currently being rolled out aggressively by various network operators in major cities such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape  Town, Durban and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately we as a country are still in the early stages of making this technology available to all which means not all customers will qualify for this service, please contact our sales department to see if you qualify.


2) Wireless

Greater Coverage Map

What’s the biggest difference between fiber and wireless? Microwave Wireless has a far larger coverage map than fiber. What can you expect when opting for wireless enterprise solutions through SwitchedOnIT? 

Priority Support – As with fiber our Microwave customer can enjoy priority support on outages and issues

Managed Firewall – All packages include a managed firewall with the option to upgrade to a UTM (Unified Threat Management) device. 

Better Upload Speeds – While download speeds won’t be as high as fiber our wireless links do offer superior upload speeds compared to traditional DSL.

What is Microwave Wireless?

Microwave Wireless allows internet access by means of a line of sight connection from your premises to one of our high sights, this means your building does not require any physical connections to be laid. Because the connection is made over a direct line of sight your connections is not prone to interference from weather elements.

Wireless can either be installed using the public spectrum or alternatively on a licensed spectrum, though the licensed option is more expensive it does allow for superior connections.

What is the coverage like when using wireless?

Microwave has a far greater coverage map compared to fiber but is limited to whether a high sight is visible from your building. Prior to any proposals being sent a qualified wireless engineer will perform a site survey from your building to ensure that the connection is possible and will remain stable.


3) Traditional DSL

Cost Effective Solution  – DSL is and remains one of the cheapest ways to connect to the internet in South Africa.

Up To 40mbps Download – If your area supports VDSL you can enjoy download speeds of up to 40Mbps

No Contracts – Our DSL packages run on a month to month agreement, all you need to do is give notice that you wish to cancel.

Ideal For Home Users And Small Businesses – Our DSL accounts comes in 2 “flavors”: consumer and business.

How does DSL work?

DSL which stands for Digital Subscriber Line is a service offered by the fixed line operators in South Africa which allows you connect to the internet over your telephone line.

What is the coverage like with DSL?

Due to the massive size of Telkom’s fixed line network you should have no problem qualifying for a DSL line and as most customers do currently have DSL lines installed you can switch to our DSL accounts with ease. If you don’t currently have a line from Telkom installed click here to check if you are covered.

Best effort service

DSL is unfortunately a “best effort” service which means there are no guarantees that you will qualify for the highest speeds and enjoy a consistent experience which means it cannot be used for mission critical services.

For this reason we recommend using DSL as a last resort.


If you need any advice, suggestions or for a professional to guide you through choosing any of SwitchedOnIT’s solutions, click here to get in touch!

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