When Should Your Company Outsource IT

When Should Your Company Outsource IT?

When Should Your Company Outsource IT?

Moving from an in-house IT structure to an outsourced one can be a daunting task to say the least; the same can be said for those with no current IT systems or departments in place. While Outsourced IT might be an excellent turnkey solution to most companies, other companies might not see immediate, or as extensive results as they had hoped they would see.

We detail the best and most suitable times and situations in  which opting for an outsourced IT solution might be the best solution for your company.


When to Outsource IT: Your current IT solution is not working for you anymore.

Whether you currently have an outsourced IT department, or you’re running your own in-house department, if it’s not working for you – then it’s time to move along. You can choose to only outsource high-end executives to oversee your current structure or team, or you can choose to entirely overhaul the department and have a fully-fledged team of professionals come in and get your systems in place.

When to Outsource IT: Your enterprise is growing and your needs have become greater.

Your business should be growing – isn’t that the whole objective? You might have been handling your IT systems alone, and find that you are no longer able to dedicate sufficient time to monitoring and improving on your systems to keep them in line with your business needs. This is an excellent opportunity to sign up for an outsourced IT department, one that can offer trained and qualified professionals to take over – and free up precious time you can now dedicate to growing your business even further.

When to Outsource IT: You do not have capacity to train and develop new staff.

This may be one of the biggest challenges companies face; taking the time and resources to train up a new employees to efficiently oversee and maintain your systems. Training a new person to understand the system and be entirely familiar with any possible threats may take up to three, perhaps four months, with no guarantee that they will be able to execute and perform their designated duties to the standard you would need them done. Bringing in professionals will eliminate this risk entirely.

When to Outsource IT: You have implemented new, complex technology or faced a cyber-threat that compromised your work.

Not all IT systems are created equal; a complex back-end may hamper your current structures ability to handle it efficiently. You may choose to up-skill your current staff complement, or call in an expert who is already qualified in that field to oversee and train / manage your team to get them to the point where running the new system is easily within their realm of capabilities. If you have recently suffered a cyber-attack, you may want to seriously consider bringing someone on board who can not only mitigate future incidences, but also boost your current systems to the point where a threat of that kind no longer poses a problem to your systems integrity.


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